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Baby, It's Cold Outside!

If your winters have you sheltering inside while snow blankets the outside, it might be time to consider escaping to San Diego to experience winter at 72 and sunny. From the iconic San Diego Bay to the sprawling, cliff-lined coast of the Pacific Ocean the time spent on the Halcyon Seas will take you past some of the most breathtaking spots southern California has to offer. With your own personalized course logged into our navigation system, you will see sights personal to your Southern California dreams. Whale watching is a must and everyone always enjoys the dolphins and seals frolicking in their water wonderland. Whether you want to make memories with your family on this picture perfect escape, share it with other couples, or celebrate a honeymoon San Diego makes for an unforgettable winter cruising getaway that will surely make others back home shiver in their boots. We have an amazing trip just waiting for you. You won’t want to go home!

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