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Ft. Lauderdale's Best Dockside Dining

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

One of the luxuries of boating is eating with an unparalleled view of expansive water and clear horizons. But another luxury is getting to expand out of the galley and step foot on land right into a waterfront table. Along the Fort Lauderdale Intracoastal, the ease of docking and stopping in for a bite to eat is an experience that is relaxing, yet unforgettable. Some notable noshes can be found at Shooters Waterfront, Houston’s Restaurant, and The Pirate Republic Seafood and Grill. All with impeccable outdoor seating amenities including firepits, canopies, and lounge seating, stepping into the marina-front atmosphere is a refreshing renew to your day or the perfect note to end long hours out on the water.

Chartering Halcyon Seas provides a new opportunity to experience dining, not only by arriving to restaurants through the dock entrance, but by also offering the juxtaposition between personalized onboard dining and luxury-eatery dining. With the yacht being tended to out on the dock, you’re invited to take your time: Stay for desserts, some drinks, and soak up as much of the South Florida sun as possible. When you’ve stuffed yourself full of the best wine, cheese, and entrees in Fort Lauderdale, Halcyon Seas will be ready to welcome you back on board. Whether you’re just getting your afternoon started or winding down from an adventurous day, docking Halcyon Seas outside your favorite Intracoastal restaurant is an experience like no other.

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