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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Newport, Rhode Island - Newport is a town that can easily feel remote yet bustling all at the same time, it just depends who you ask. The harbor-lined edges of the quaint Rhode Island town is every boater’s dream. With an abundance of shopping, eateries, and traditional New England charm, your time off the boat can easily be spent soaking up the coastline. Newport is the perfect place to feel the comfort of any hometown while exploring new ventures everyday. The eats you’ll experience along the way are also an accurate representation of the feel-good atmosphere of Newport. Pop into Cru Café, Hungry Monkey, or Castle Hill and savor the authentic taste of true New England cooking. Whether taking a stroll through a local farmers market or catching a home game of the Newport Gulls collegiate summer baseball team, it’s easy to feel a part of the Newport community, even when the sun sets and the docks await your arrival back.

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