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Halcyon Seas yacht charter offers ‘a floating oasis where you can do whatever you want’

Article written by Ashley Mackin-Solomon, of La Jolla Light

The Halcyon Seas 70-foot yacht has three staterooms and a central gathering space, plus amenities ranging from climate control to wireless sound and on-board WiFi.

Whether for a one-day outing or a weeklong excursion, the Halcyon Seas yacht charter service creates flexible, customizable family getaways unlike anything on dry land.

“It’s a floating oasis where you can do whatever you want,” said captain Mike Ryan. “We make our own water, generate electricity and have enough fuel to go 1,200 miles and have plenty of room for food. It’s a great opportunity for families to come together and relax. ... It’s so calming to cruise along the ocean, see dolphins, it’s gorgeous out there.”

“Halcyon,” by the way, means calm, peaceful, idyllic.

The 70-foot yacht boasts amenities ranging from climate control to wireless sound and on-board WiFi. It’s furnished with three staterooms and a central gathering space. The concierge yacht service is all-inclusive and tailored.

“We had a family of seven that were on board for a week,” Ryan said. “They played in the water all day and at night they had dinners on board, watched movies and played games. There wasn’t a lot of internet usage and staring at phones.”

A couple and some fraternity brothers chartered the yacht to go island-hopping around Catalina but ended up not leaving the boat. “They sat around telling stories and would have wine and dinner on the boat while listening to the symphony on the radio,” Ryan said. “They went for a week without touching land.”

Ryan added that some people want the journey, others the destination.

The Halcyon Seas yacht can be chartered for a variety of trips and events.

“Some just want to go out and cruise, others want to go to islands and other places and play around,” he said. “The beauty is there are no hotel reservations; you take the hotel with you, so if you change your mind, things are flexible. We offer a variety and it can be done on the fly. The benefit is its uniqueness, it’s not like another resort. ... You craft this experience, everything from the meals and beverages you want to where you want to go. You can be as remote as you want or stay in a harbor.”

The yacht can be chartered for “Day Tripper” outings, which include slow cruises into local bays and harbors, up and down the San Diego coastline, whale watching opportunities and more; special occasions such as weddings and birthdays; overnight and extended stays in San Diego and other Southern California harbors such as Catalina Island or Long Beach; and corporate and charity events.

Depending on the excursion, the crew will be limited to Ryan, his wife, a chief stewardess and one other captain if the boat is to anchor overnight.

Living quarters on the Halcyon Seas yacht

The yacht is kept coronavirus-safe with routine sanitation.

“When you come on, it’s a safe environment,” Ryan said. “And you might not be within six miles of anyone else, let alone six feet. There is fresh air, sunshine, lots of Vitamin D and you are staying with your own family, so the chance of reaching someone else is as minimal as you want it to be.”

To learn more and inquire about a charter, visit

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