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Once Upon a Yacht

Do you wish for a sea voyage to a quaint island? We’ve got that. Do you dream of slow cruising on calm waters and on-board overnights in tranquil, private coves? We’ve got that, too! What about a cruise you design that takes you to Santa Catalina Island, then the Channel Islands, then up to Santa Barbara, then down to Newport Beach and homeward. You will see the diverse difference in Catalina and the Channel Islands with spacious blue water in between before you dock in classy Santa Barbara. Known for its scenic beauty and renowned Spanish architecture, this is the perfect walking city to restaurants, shops and sights. When you dock in Newport Beach it’s a whole new vibe of hip eateries, top fashion ateliers, and beautiful yachts dotting the marinas. Heading home to San Diego gives you time to reflect on your dream-come-true fairy tale and the memories you will take with you forever and ever.

The End.... or maybe it's just the beginning. Contact us to book your next adventure at


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