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Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Two Snorkeling Nooks in The Exumas You Won’t Want to Miss

The Exumas are a widely traveled destination for tourists and yet, there remain areas within that offer hidden treasures. The presence of the ocean while sitting on the beach is relaxing and healing, but for those looking for a thrill, the Exumas doesn’t disappoint.  

Just below the surface of crystal clear blue water, the shell of an old WWII C-46 airplane rests on the sandy bottom. It’s both eerie and intriguing — raising so many questions about the past of Norman’s Cay. It does have a riddled history, mostly known as a drug-smuggling pass over spot in the ocean, and many speculate that the plane, transporting drugs, crashed due to too heavy of a load. Everyone has their own version of what might have happened that fateful day which makes it a great place to explore. Put on a mask and snorkel and the hollowed-out aircraft is yours to swim through and explore. The plane wreck of Norman’s Cay is the perfect thing to add on your agenda while cruising through the Exumas on Halcyon Seas and enables you to draw your own conclusion of the mystifying locale. 

Thunderball’s Grotto is another hidden gem of the Exumas for those seeking adventure and nature's breathtaking beauty. Just a short boat ride away from Staniel Cay, the cave is notoriously recognized for being the backdrop in several James Bond movies. With the mix of ancient rock formations, the quintessential Bahama-blue water, and abundant sea life, the cave encapsulates everything of the Bahamas and more. 

There is no doubt that the Exumas are an incredible spot for leisurely lounging but this location comes even more alive when you venture off the islands and into the water. Halcyon Seas can take you there. Grab a snorkel, a mask, and some fins and you’re ready to see a whole new facet of the Exumas shrouded in history, legends, and fascination.

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