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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

While most ocean excursions aim to head out away from civilization, just a mile off the coast of Cape Florida is an example of an earlier era you can experience on Halcyon Seas. Stiltsville, it’s name as self explanatory as it sounds, is a hidden gem for both Florida locals and passersby. Located just above the ocean waves on wooden stilts is an immediate transport back to the early 1930s just as prohibition was taking reign of society. The original 27 flats were built to legally allow drinking and gambling as long as they fit the one mile offshore requirement. Throughout the years the flats became more and more frequented by big time businessmen, lawyers, bankers, politicians, making them even more of a hotspot.

Now, several decades later and recognized as a Florida national park, Stiltsville is left with three original buildings but offers the perfect opportunities for boaters to experience a little sliver of the prohibition atmosphere. Standing in only a few feet of water, it is the perfect location to pull up and anchor Halcyon Seas, spend the day kayaking, paddle boarding, and swimming around the sites, and feeling like you’re so much farther than just a mile off the coast. Whether you’re a seasoned coastal traveler or new to the waters, Stiltsville is an iconic look into America’s past and a must see when cruising south Florida.

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